Purchasing a house can be the biggest investment that homeowners make in their lives.  So we think it important that before anyone chooses a real estate professional to work with, they ask for references and do a little homework.

We make it easy for potential homeowners to do their homework, by providing our references right up front.

Making the biggest investment of your life should be an enjoyable experience for you.  So do your homework and talk with some of our references below.


Richard and Patricia Halasz 305-743-5326
David & Pamela Hamilton 904-261-8709
Kimberly Cain 225-806-7344
Skip Billhimer 305-731-3400
Richard & Teresa Charron 401-499-5670
Thomas & Mary Cinotti 917-796-2250
Janet Czykierda 305-743-2826
Don & Jo Ann Beetschen 305-743-5953
George Blaze 305-731-4964
Michael Cinque 305-942-9979
Robert Brayman 305-743-5929
Brian & Chris Lancaster 703-217-3399
James Macho 440-503-7500
Richard McCardle 305-481-1538
Jerry McDonald 954-650-0020
Ray & Louise Melton 305-393-5742
Michael McKluskey 810-547-5002
Richard & Susan Munday 863-858-5606
Hank & Marta Oestrike 440-391-8078
Tom & Jackie O’Neill 305-509-1773
Michelle Rockett 810-986-2815
Shawn Sprinkel 305-395-4216
Mark & Vonda VanArsdel 402-681-6472
Don & Ginnie Vasil 305-731-9117


Thank you,
Karen & Bill